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5 tips to introduce yourself properly in an interview


5 tips to introduce yourself properly in an interview

You know what they say: You only get one chance to make a first impression. But given all the nerves you likely experience with a job interview, it's just another thing you may find yourself worrying about. For that reason, you need to make sure you know how to introduce yourself effectively, which may be trickier than it initially seems.

Thankfully, the following tips will help you nail that introduction and start your interview off on the right foot:

1) Dress well

The most important part of looking good for an interview is dressing appropriately, according to Indeed. That means wearing an outfit that's "up one" from the company's general dress code (i.e. business-casual for a casual workplace, business-appropriate for a business-casual office), making sure everything is freshly cleaned and ironed and so on.

2) Start with eye contact and a smile

As soon as someone comes into the waiting area to bring you to the interview room, be prepared to rise immediately, look them right in the eye and smile, Indeed noted. That means not scrolling through social media on your phone (as that adds an extra distraction), listening to music (you may not be able to hear over your headphones) or taking a big sip from your water or coffee. Just be ready to react immediately, and you'll be well on your way to making that strong first impression.

3) Introduce yourself and give a firm handshake

When that person comes out to meet you - whether it's the hiring manager themselves, an assistant or someone else - you should extend your hand and introduce yourself formally, according to The Balance Careers. Something like, "Hi, (their name). I'm (your name). It's nice to meet you," will always work well, and it doesn't have to be much more involved than that, at least initially.

Also, because no one likes a sweaty handshake, you would be wise make sure you can discretely wipe your hand if you're nervous.

4) Keep your intro short

Once you get into the interview room itself, the introductions can become a little more fleshed out, The Balance Careers added. But even then, if you're asked to say more about yourself, it's important not to talk the interviewer's ear off with your full story. Instead, try to pivot as soon as possible to talking about the job or the company. 

5) Remember: It's more than just the interviewer

One thing to keep in mind throughout this process is greeting everyone with the same enthusiasm and level of courtesy as you would the hiring manager, according to Grammarly. No matter how the commute went, treat any receptionists, assistants or other employees you talk to respectfully and cheerfully. After all, no matter how well you do in an interview, if a hiring manager hears you were rude to or dismissive of another staffer, that can be instantly disqualifying. Plus, it's always better to be courteous to everyone you meet, anyway.

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