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Order Selector-Dry Warehouse

Abingdon, VA

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JOB SUMMARY Work associated with this position involves assembling customer orders through selection from assigned slots, ensuring that orders are picked according to customer specifications; and transporting picked orders to shipping dock area. ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS • Selects/obtains appropriate equipment. • Obtains pallets, based on store requirements. • Use Vocollect unit to obtain assignments. • Selects orders under engineered labor standards from correctly assigned aisle; heavy merchandise placed on the bottom and light merchandise on top of the pallet reporting any shorted product through the Vocollect unit. • Cleans up spills from damaged merchandise and transports it to the damaged goods area. • Transports completed orders to the shipping dock area either loading or staging depending on order type. • Places orders in the designated “bay” on the shipping dock. • Selects reworked merchandise whenever possible. • Follows specified procedures in handling out-of-stock situations. ADDITIONAL JOB FUNCTIONS • Will be asked on occasion to perform other duties as necessary. EQUIPMENT Electric-powered Pallet Jack Intercom Vocollect Unit Head Set Belt Picking Hook

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