Quality Inspector

Wilton, NH

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Quality Control Inspector

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Performs a variety of standard and special purpose visual or mechanical quality control inspections and testing of product conformance to specified standards.  Qualified employee can demonstrate knowledge of product specifications and use of tools, measuring instrument and equipment for conducting tests and inspection tasks.  Tasks include conducting hourly visual inspection at each production machine, collection of product samples according to the AQL standard set for the product, lot size or  “shots” per hour and performing dimension measurements to assure conformity with the product specifications.  Visual inspections and sample collection is also conducted at each workstation in the secondary operations.  Product samples are checked for dimension conformance once each shift unless otherwise specified.  Inspectors must read understand and correctly interpret worksheets, logs, specifications and other documentation frequently.


A demonstrated knowledge of Burbak’s injection mold production environment and familiarity with the molded products and any additional inserts or fixtures used in the process is important. Inspectors must be attentive to details and maintain clear communications with operators and supervisory personnel regarding information and quality issues.  Inspectors work from written and verbal instructions.   Accuracy in performing inspection tasks, writing documentation and communicating information is essential.  The qualified employee must demonstrate some aptitude for measurements and use of measurement tools, demonstrate the ability to speak, read and write in English and maintain a consistent record of adherence to work rules and quality standards. 

Participation in, and contribution to teamwork within the organization is a responsibility of this position.  The ability to maintain clear communications and cooperative working relationships with co-workers is essential.

Shift: 3rd shift   Sun-Thurs    11pm-7am

Payrate:  $16+ depending on experience

Work location:  Wilton NH

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Job Requirements

Knowledge & Experience:

A high school diploma or GED, the ability to speak, read and write in English and basic math skills are required.  Previous experience in plastics / injection molding  is desirable.  3 - 6 months of training is required to satisfactorily perform inspection tasks.


Physical, Mental and Visual Requirements:

Physical demands are indicated on the chart following the safety section of this description.  Regular attendance and punctuality is required.  Most tasks require standing, bending, lifting, reaching, walking and some sitting.  Good vision is required for adherence to quality standards.  The job requires accuracy and continuous mental and visual attention.  Record-keeping responsibilities may include employee notations and signature on process forms, quality logs, statistical process control charting, etc.


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