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6 ways to 'beat' resume filtering systems


6 ways to 'beat' resume filtering systems

When you're applying to job openings online, you may sometimes feel that it's impossible to hear back from certain companies. One of the reasons this may be the case is if those employers use resume filtering or management software to ensure hiring managers are only hearing from candidates who fit a narrow window of qualifications.

With these systems, even small deviations from expectations may be enough to get you "filtered out" of a job you'd be perfect for. How do you get around those issues? Following the tips below should help:

1) Use the name of the company you're applying to in the resume

Some of the most popular resume filtering programs in use today will actually give you points if you mention the company you're applying to in your resume, according to CIO. With that in mind, mentioning them once or twice at the top of the resume (perhaps under the "objectives" heading) can help you advance your case with relatively few other changes.

2) Provide concrete data

It's generally a good idea anyway, but if you're not specifically mentioning the impact your efforts had in previous positions, you might be missing a great opportunity to quantify your quality, CIO added. For example, something as simple as saying you helped boost sales by 15% or handled 10 clients on an ongoing basis will be another plus in your favor.

3) Match your action words with the listing's keywords

Most resume filtering applications will check the files you submit against the job listing you're applying for, according to Lifehack. What they're looking for in many cases can be as basic as similar words used throughout each document, so you should make sure the keywords that stand out in the listing are also on your resume.

4) Make sure you meet minimum requirements

A great way to instantly get filtered out by one of these programs is to not meet the basic requirements listed in the job posting, Lifehack advised. That means, if a company is asking for someone with five years of experience and you only have four, your resume is just not going to land on a hiring manager's desk. Save yourself the effort and only apply to jobs for which you meet the minimum listed qualifications.

5) Only apply to one job per company

When you're trying to find a new job, it can be tempting to apply to as many positions as possible to increase your chances, according to The Muse. But if a business uses a resume filtering system, and you apply to more than one position there, the system may decide you're trying to cast too wide a net and start disqualifying you altogether.

6) Don't try to game the system

Sometimes, it can be tempting to try to outsmart resume filters by just running down the list keywords and listing qualifications that aren't actually true, The Muse said. However, even if you get though that initial filter, you still have to talk to the hiring manager, interview and so on. Moreover, these systems are more adept than ever at catching these efforts, so even if you think you can succeed, you're likely to hit a wall.

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