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7 ways to boost your candidate search


7 ways to boost your candidate search

If you're trying to find the ideal candidate for an open postilion, there are a lot of ways to approach it. However, some will be more effective than others in attracting the best available talent.

The following tips should help you do just that:

1) Make yourself findable

When you have a job opening you need to fill, you want to attract as many qualified candidates as you can, according to Ideal. For that reason, making your listings as easy to find online as possible - by posting them everywhere, from job sites to social media to your own page - is vital.

2) Don't be afraid of social media leads

Some companies shy away from social media as a source for candidates because of the reputation sites like Facebook or Twitter have earned, Ideal noted. However, because that's where people spend a lot of their online time these days, they're just as rich sources of potential hires as any job site - especially for finding great passive candidates.

3) Write the most effective listings possible

Among the most common issues businesses face in hiring is that they don't attract as many people to their listings as they'd like, according to Career Tool Belt. Part of the reason for that? Their listings don't do a good enough job of describing the job, compensation and so on. When you can address that challenge, you may find you get a lot more interest.

4) Don't make candidates jump through hoops to apply

One of the biggest turnoffs for any job seeker is when they have to go through a laundry list of steps to even apply for the job, Career Tool Belt added. Making people type out the information that's already on their resume or cover letter, attach files and do a litany of other things before they can click "send" is a big barrier to entry - so it's often easier to just remove the barrier.

5) Bring more people into the hiring process

When you're a single hiring manager trying to find the right person, your own limitations can be an issue, Career Tool Belt further advised. You may not have enough time, or know exactly what the position requires, to fully vet every candidate whose resume crosses your desk. Bringing more people into these decisions will help lighten the load and identify the best possible candidates.

6) Get referrals from current employees

It's always wise to ask around at the office whether current employees know anyone who would be ideal for a given role, according to Glassdoor. After all, they're not likely to recommend someone who might not be up to the task, or who might reflect badly on them - and they likely know which of their friends or family would be a good culture fit to boot.

7) Think about new talent pools

Often, companies get bogged down in dealing with the same types of candidates over and over and can't figure out why they're not finding better applicants, Glassdoor noted. For that reason, it's always a good idea to keep an open mind about where hires come from. That way, you always get a fresh perspective and aren't closing yourself off to potentially awesome hires.

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