8 keys to staying organized during your job search


8 keys to staying organized during your job search

When you're in the middle of a job search, you have a lot to keep track of. You've no doubt sent out dozens of emails hoping to land an interview, schedule meetings and more, all while receiving alerts about new listings and various communications from prospective employers.

As such, you probably need a system to help you keep your files and thoughts organized throughout this process. The following suggestions should help you get a better handle on all these issues and avoid any mistakes that make you look disorganized:

1) Put together a system that makes sense for you

There's no one-size-fits-all solution to job search organization, and you need to find something that works for you and your unique preferences, according to Live Career. If you're comfortable building a comprehensive spreadsheet that allows you to track everything, go for it. But if you want to write everything down in a day planner, that's fine, too.

2) Set up a schedule

Much as you are organizing all the information for your application, when you last sent an email about it and so on, you also have to plan into the future, Live Career said. Building a schedule on your favorite app or just writing down when you need to block off time over the coming week is always a good idea.

3) Let your files live in the cloud

If you prefer to do your job search organizing on a computer or phone, make sure you can access those files from anywhere, according to The Muse. You don't want to forget to make a note about an email you received just because you were out and about when it came in. Cloud access will help you do just that.

4) Create filters for job-related emails

You no doubt receive a lot of emails each day, but you can't afford to miss the ones related to your job search, The Muse recommended. Set up filters that send all such messages to a specific inbox, and you're less likely to overlook something.

5) Keep track of the tasks you need to complete

While you're making notes of what you have completed, be aware of what you need to check off in the next few days too, The Muse added. That way, you can better plan your time.

6) Don't feel like you need to send out a million applications

While it can be tempting to apply to anything and everything for which you're even vaguely qualified, it's not advisable, according to Workopolis. It creates a lot more work for you — and a lot more you have to keep track of after the fact as well.

7) Always keep track of who you dealt with

It's always a good idea to come off as a "people person" in a job search, Workopolis noted. As such, keep tabs on who you talk to over email or on the phone, so you don't make a mistake and refer to someone by the wrong name.

8) Check off the tasks you complete

Finally, you don't want to unnecessarily circle back on any efforts; make sure you verify that you've completed all tasks for a given job, Workopolis recommended. When you do, you save yourself time and get a sense of accomplishment.

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