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Wilton, NH

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Position:                     Secondary Leadperson Assistant   

Summary:                  This position provides back-up continuity when the Leadperson is absent.  With the direction of the Leadperson, the Assistant Leadperson sets-up, coordinates and monitors the work of secondary operators.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

The qualified employee in this back-up position will have excellent performance as a Secondary Operator and will coordinate employee assignments according to requirements of priority list provided by Materials Manager.  The Assistant Leadperson sets up equipment such as Job Tap, hotstamp machine, sonic weld machine, production lathe, CNC vertical milling machine and inserting machines, may measure parts to specified dimensions; sets-up work stations with parts and packaging materials needed by employees.  Instructs the operators on how to do the job that they are assigned.  Inspect operator's parts every 2 hours to ensure parts meet the quality requirements of the customer.  Observes operators to confirm work is being performed according to instructions and monitor the process to assure efficiency. Is responsible for moving parts between Secondary and other departments per the job tickets. The Assistant Leadperson performs any other tasks as assigned by the Leadperson or other department supervision.  Good communications and interpersonal skills are essential for the employee coordination tasks required in this job.

Participation in, and contribution to teamwork within the organization is a responsibility of this position.  The ability to maintain clear communications and cooperative working relationships with co-workers is essential.

Knowledge & Experience:

A high school diploma or GED is preferred, the ability to speak, read and write in English and strong basic math skills are required.   1 year of experience in secondary operations is preferred. Additional training by the Secondary Leadperson is required to satisfactorily perform tasks of an Assistant Leadperson.   The qualified back-up person must have the ability to read a variety of measuring tools such as drop gage, calipers and blue prints.  Previous machining experience preferred.

Physical, Mental and Visual Requirements:

Physical demands (see chart) and essential functions of the job: Regular attendance and punctuality is required.  Most tasks require standing, bending, reaching, walking and occasional sitting.  Many tasks are performed either standing or sitting and require a broad range of motion. Good vision is required for adherence to quality standards.  The work requires fine motor skills, dexterity, accuracy and continuous mental and visual attention. Record-keeping responsibilities include employee Job Sheets, Job Tickets, Regrind and Reject Tickets and tracking employee performance vs the standard.


Work is performed in a clean and orderly manufacturing environment.  Floor mats and hand tools are provided for ease in performing tasks. Instruct operators about safety rules and Personal Protective Equipment  Audit machine operations to ensure that required safety rules are followed, including hair containment, making sure that guarding is in place and personal protective equipment is being worn.  Employees are responsible for safeguarding their assigned tools and for maintaining their work area in a clean, safe and orderly condition.  A variety of chemicals such as paintable mold release, rubbing alcohol and other solvents and chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.  Some work tasks or movement within the facility may include exposure to these substances. The employee is introduced to the Hazard Communication Program, Safety Rules and Emergency Exit procedures during the introductory period of training. Personal Protective equipment which the employee may be introduced to include gloves, goggles, safety glasses, ear plugs, ear muffs, finger cots, aprons, protective sleeves and masks. Employees are responsible for wearing any Personal Protective Equipment which may be required in performing certain tasks.  The employee must be able to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position without posing a direct threat to his or her health and safety or the health and safety of other individuals in the workplace.


Additional Duties for First Shift Assistant Secondary Leadperson

  1. Check to make sure all tickets are stamped off for operation completed
  2. Check to make sure any jobs with multiple tickets in the windows have a yellow sticky note with a total quantity inside box/bag.
  3. Check to make sure lot numbers are not mixed.  If there is more than one lot number a sign must be put up with which lot number to use first (FIFO)
  4. Check to make sure Material Lot numbers are not mixed and that the green “first of” and “last of” Material lot tickets are visible.
  5. Make sure all parts with same lot number and same operation complete are all in the same section in value added.
  6. Make sure parts with the same parts number with multiple operations are separated with signs (IE: molded only parts, -1 complete, only need inserts, etc.)
  7. Check job tickets to make sure parts belong in value added and not a different area like II, SH, FI etc.
  8. Update value added list daily stating which parts are in which section and whether they have to watch out for any signs.


  • Shift:  1st shift
  • Payrate:  $16/hour
  • Work location:  Wilton NH









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