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6 ways to improve your job listings


6 ways to improve your job listings

When you're putting together a job listing for a new opening at your company, there are many factors to consider that will help ensure you get the best possible crop of candidates. With that in mind, you and the other hiring managers with whom you work may need to do more to properly consider what makes a job listing effective.

That includes taking the following steps:

1) Make the title as clear as possible

In recent years, it has become en vogue for companies to create job positions like "Social Media Ninja" and "Marketing Jedi" - but while these can seem fun and engaging internally, they can be confusing for candidates, according to All Business. After all, "Social Media Manager" is a little more straightforward and helps highlight exactly what a person might be signing up for, so in many cases, it's better to keep it simple.

2) Ensure the description is detailed

Likewise, as you're cleaning up your job titles to make them more appealing, it's also important to make sure your descriptions of those jobs and what they entail are obvious as well, All Business noted. When candidates click on your listing they should not come out of it feeling like they're not totally clear on what they would do each day if they got the job, so making that clear - perhaps by working with people who have held that job in the past - is always a good idea.

3) Keep it brief

While there is a need to be detailed and make it clear what a person is applying for, no one wants to feel like they're reading "War and Peace" when they click on your listing, according to LinkedIn. If you can't pare your listing down to a few paragraphs and perhaps a bulleted list of duties on your own, it might be time to enlist some help from other managers.

4) Don't go too casual

Though you may be tempted to take a casual tone with your job listing - especially if your company already has a laid-back office culture or atmosphere - it may not be the best idea, LinkedIn added. That's because data suggests candidates tend to have a dimmer view of companies that use casual language in listings and are therefore less likely to apply in the first place.

5) Talk about the potential for growth

One key oversight many companies make in putting listings together is that they don't talk about the career path it opens up, according to CIO. People often don't just want to know about what the job itself entails, but also what it might lead them to if they stick around for one, three, five or more years.

6) Make sure it's unbiased

While you're almost certainly not intentionally including any biased language in your job listings, unconscious biases can seep into the copy and discourage otherwise great candidates, CIO said. Here, too, you should have other people - preferably from diverse backgrounds - look over what you write in a listing to make sure it's not going to be a turnoff for anyone.

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