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4 tips to improve how you manage your candidate list


4 tips to improve how you manage your candidate list

When you're trying to make the right hire for an open position, it's always a good idea to keep close tabs on every person you consider. Whether you choose to bring that person in for an interview or not, you need to make sure you're keeping up proper contact with them and otherwise ensuring you have as much information about them as possible, saved for the long term.

The following tips will help give you a better handle on managing candidate information and keeping everything organized:

1) Use one centralized system

One of the biggest missteps companies can make in the hiring process is letting people keep their own notes or information separate from the other people who make these kinds of decisions, according to the Association for Talent Development. Simply put, it's more helpful to have a single collaborative document where everyone can update information about every candidate, whether they've met with those people, what notes they took away from those meetings, and so forth.

If you have to go looking for critical details about whether each person has even been contacted, that creates inefficiency issues that can slow down the entire hiring process.

2) Delineate roles for staffers

When it comes to figuring out how to best approach any hiring process, it's always a good idea to make sure everyone knows their roles, the Association for Talent Development advised. Hiring managers and other decision-makers should sit down at the start of every hiring process and decide who will be involved, what they will be in charge of, when it should be finished, and how everyone will be expected to report back.

The less ambiguity about what's expected of the people involved, the better off everyone will be.

3) Make immediate notes of what candidates bring to the table

It's not enough to simply get a good impression of what a potential hire would be able to provide; those involved in making hiring decisions should ensure they are keeping careful tabs and updating necessary documents as the process advances, according to Bullhorn. That way, there's no confusion about which candidate had which skills or when they would be available for a follow-up meeting. As soon as a given interview or phone call is done, the centralized document should be updated with all pertinent information that came out of that conversation.

4) Keep tabs on contacts

Finally, you should always remember that people need to hear back about whatever decision you make, according to You never want to get into a situation where some people haven't heard back in weeks about the hiring decision you'll ultimately make, and you also don't want to let it become an issue where you contact the same people multiple times. Something as simple as having a checklist of who you contacted, when you did it, and what was communicated will help you keep track of everyone. That, in turn, eliminates redundancies and helps candidates stay informed of the ongoing process.

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