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5 ways to improve your hiring process


5 ways to improve your hiring process

When you're trying to bring the right employees aboard, it can sometimes feel like a bit of a guessing game. In many situations, you may have two or three candidates who all seem equally qualified, and you have to whittle that field down to one person.

How can you improve the hiring process to help ensure you bring the right person aboard every time? The following tips may help:

1) Try testing your candidates

One of the best ways to make sure you can do a better job of differentiating between two or more seemingly equal candidates is to quantify as much as you can, according to hiring expert Steve Olenski, writing for Forbes. If you test for things like communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving, you might find that some people respond better to common workplace situations than others.

2) Look for the culture fit

Along similar lines, if you have a very specific office culture that you're not trying to disrupt too much, you should strive to find someone who fits that culture as well as possible, Olenski advised. While everyone may have different preferences for how they work, those who hew most closely to your existing preferred working processes will likely be the best fits, so it's important to ask about how people like to go about their daily business.

3) Strike the right balance for timing

The problem for many companies is that they either have too fast of a turnaround for hiring, or their process takes entirely too long, according to Business News Daily. Typically, the rule of thumb is high-quality job candidates are back off the market within 10 days of entering it, so you need to strike a balance between a speedy hiring process that ensures great candidates are identified and having a long enough look to truly vet them.

4) Look at your own process

With that in mind, you might want to also consider the ways in which you have found talent in the past, Business News Daily cautioned. If you've run into a string of suboptimal hires, it may be a good idea to set aside time so you can look at why that might be, before you start another hiring process. Conversely, if your recent hires have knocked it out of the park after some previous ups and downs, finding out what made them so effective could be a great way to improve your entire hiring process.

5) Go in-depth with references

After all this, if you're still dealing with a few difficulties in finding the best possible candidates, it can be a good idea to really dig in with the people listed as candidates' references, according to The Balance Careers. In many cases, companies can treat these contacts as a formality, but if you plan for a good, in-depth conversation with one or two of those people, you may find out information you would have missed otherwise. That can help inform a better hiring decision overall.

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