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6 great phone interview questions


6 great phone interview questions

If you're going to be hiring in the new year, it's already time to start nailing down some basics around the interviewing process. That will include whether you're going to start with phone interviews before an in-person meeting and which questions you should ask in such a situation.

You're likely to get a lot of mileage out of certain questions on a phone interview, and would be wise to include the following:

1) "What do you think is the most important part of your resume?"

This is a great way to figure out what a person is most proud of in their career to date, and why, according to The Muse. After all, this question will get them talking about a job that was a tremendous learning experience, or where they enjoyed the most personal and professional growth. This is likely to be something they're really proud of and will be able to tell you about in great detail. That, in turn, provides insight into what job candidates value.

2) "How did you find out about this listing?"

You can use this question to get a good idea of their path to this potential job, The Muse noted. If a friend recommended it, you can find out who that friend is and whether they're someone who would be a trustworthy professional who knows a good match when they see it. Likewise, if they just happened upon it during a standard job search, this can lead to important follow-up questions.

3) "Why do you want this job?"

The question is fairly straightforward but the answer, often, will not be, according to Indeed. That's because there are many different reasons people want to change positions - whether it's because they've fallen into a rut at their old jobs or to further their professional development - and understanding the "why" of that decision can tell you a lot about a person and their priorities.

4) "What's most exciting to you about your career?"

People may look back fondly at various aspects of their careers - whether they're years or decades long - and put great importance on decisions or outcomes that changed their professional lives, Indeed added. If you can get a sense of what might have altered their trajectories or otherwise shifted their focus, you might be able to determine whether they'll be a good fit.

5) "What did you do in your last job on a daily basis?"

Understanding a person's day-to-day duties is a great way to gain insight into what they're capable of or why they're looking for a change, according to The Balance Careers. While getting a clear picture of the highs or lows of a career is always a good idea, so too is knowing what a person has been working on most recently.

6) "Is there anything else you think we should know about you?"

There are plenty of questions in a phone interview that can illuminate critical aspects of a person's career, credentials, preferences and more - but they can't uncover everything, The Balance Careers said. For that reason, asking them what they want to tell you about themselves is always a good way to gain that extra bit of insight.

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