Efficiency is key in the job search


Efficiency is key in the job search

Job searches, especially those that last for weeks or even months, can become a bit tiresome and disheartening, leading to inefficient use of time. Because the act of finding a job is often as stressful and time-consuming as having one already, your daily schedule can be a bit erratic, inefficient and non-productive at times.

However, poor time management could end up translating to missed opportunities and a lack of adequate responsiveness to interested recruiters and hiring managers. This is why maintaining an efficient and effective routine throughout your job search is so vital.

Expert advice
Time management coach Elizabeth Saunders, writing for Fast Company, recently affirmed that some of the same principles of optimizing a daily work routine can be applied to the job search. For example, she stated that applicants and seekers should have several different tactics and methods that they circulate through on a weekly basis to diversify that search a bit more.

Doing so can help expand opportunities and open new doors. Rather than only filling out applications every day for hours on end, Saunders recommended partaking in more networking events and potentially joining a temp agency. In that same vein, job searchers need to strive to get outside of both their comfort zones and their normal professional circles, especially if these groups have not yielded any opportunities.

While it may seem reasonable to blanket all of the open positions you see online with applications, Saunders advised that this is a common time waster, and one that would be better off avoided. Putting more time and effort into applying for one job that fits your criteria and strengths will almost always be more fruitful than blindly throwing darts at an endless target.

Finally, Saunders noted that follow-ups are key, and failing to send strong messages to the recruiters or hiring managers with whom you spoke can waste all of the time you put into getting an interview. By keeping track of your daily routine and identifying areas to improve efficiency, the job search can become more successful and efficient.

Maintaining focus
If you are earnestly job searching while maintaining a part-time or even full-time position, you may need to find other ways to improve your productivity, Forbes noted. To do so, common habits like all-night binging of television shows and waking up half an hour before work should be completely avoided. If you are striving to find a new job, these issues will make an already difficult process even more challenging.

Surgical, intelligent and efficient job searching habits and strategies will almost always yield a better array of offers and options, all the while ensuring that things like monotony and stress do not bog you down. A job search is a marathon, not a sprint, so conserve your energy whenever possible and act with purpose when you identify an open position you could fit. That may help to unlock some avenues that otherwise might not have presented themselves.

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