How to dress for a job interview


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Once you snag an interview, you might be wondering how to dress to make the best impression. Before committing to any outfits, scout out the company for cultural clues. Are there pictures of the office on the company's website? If so, what is everyone wearing? If the position is in a corporate office where everyone wears formal business attire, make sure to follow suit. If you're applying at a restaurant or clothing store, business casual might be more appropriate.

When in doubt, always choose to dress up rather than down. 

Women's attire 
The sheer breadth of women's clothing choices can make dressing for an interview incredibly complicated. It's best to keep it simple with plain colors or simple, muted patterns. When in doubt, add a blazer to make almost any outfit more professional according to Inc. If you choose to wear a dress or skirt, make sure the length is no shorter than an inch above your knee. You do not want to have to adjust or tug on your hemline when sitting in front of a hiring manager. If you prefer pants, plain colored slacks are the way to go as jeans are not considered acceptable for most jobs.

Don't forget to take a quick look at your accessories before leaving the house. Keep any jewelry to a minimum, and carry your resume in a professional bag or briefcase. 

Men's attire
A nicely fitting suit is always in style for men, according to CNBC. A suit with a small amount of stretch (about 2 percent) is a good option if you'll be running from place to place for interviews. For more formal environments, choose a navy, dark gray, or black suit with a plain colored shirt. Avoid ties with bold or busy patterns. 

For business-casual environments, feel free to get a little more creative. If you prefer patterned shirts or bright ties, try to choose only one or the other. Having a single bold item is a good way to show your personality without overwhelming an outfit. In casual environments, lighter suit colors can also be acceptable, especially in warmer climates.

Both men and women should always wear professional shoes. Sneakers are never acceptable! Remember, no matter what you put on, you should be both comfortable and professional. If you don't feel good in your clothing, you won't be able to present your most confident self. 

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