Hiring managers: Create a positive interview experience


Your job as a hiring manager is incredibly significant: By deciding which prospects to hire, you are determining the future direction of your company. The business will be on the right track as long as you can bring your top targets into the fold. In a time of increasing hiring competition, however, it's becoming harder to hold onto the best prospects. It's time to embrace best practices to ensure that the most talented candidates on the market don't think twice about joining your firm.

Meet and exceed expectations
Forbes contributor Lisa Quast recently had an important perspective on impressing job applicants. She explained that hiring managers often disappoint the very people they are hoping to hire. By processing the top problems observed, you can turn the tide and make certain the interviews you lead are high points for candidates. By creating meaningful and positive interactions, you can ensure skilled prospects pick you over similar organizations.

  • The interview should be your top priority: Quast noted that sometimes, hiring managers take phone calls or deal with other business while speaking with candidates. This sends a very strong message that the person being interviewed is the company's second or third priority. No one wants to feel passed over like this, and as such you should ensure your calendar has enough time blocked out for each meeting. Calls, emails and everything else can wait until the candidate leaves.
  • You must study and customize the posting: The author discussed frustrating scenarios in which prospects find they know more about the job opening than the hiring manager. Putting up a generic posting on the company website and seeing candidates without considering the exact requirements the company can create a negative environment. Working closely with whichever part of the organization needs a new hire can give you the info you need to lead a successful talent search.
  • Take time to research the candidates: Job seekers will spend time learning about your company before they come in to interview, so you should return the favor and read their resumes carefully. This will make you ready to ask incisive questions and let the candidates know you have genuine interest. While this sounds like Hiring 101, Quast noted that some managers go into interviews having not looked at the relevant resumes at all.

A challenging environment
Making sure you create a highly positive hiring experience is especially necessary in times when job openings remain vacant for longer than average. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, those conditions are now in place. The source cited DHI Group data which indicated vacancies are lengthier today than at any point since the company began tracking 15 years ago.

The news provider explained that hiring managers also observe greater pay demands from candidates, a sure sign that these individuals have greater leverage than even a year ago. It's a great time to be at the top of your game, showing applicants a good side of your company and impressing them at every turn. That means being highly prepared for every interview, exceeding expectations and ensuring job seekers have their best interviews with you.

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