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Greenwood, IN

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Greenwood - Day Shift - 10 Hours Overtime/Week

Pay: $18.15/hour

Hours: 1:00 p.m. - 11:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

This is packing in manufacturing setting, not a warehouse.

Job Description:

  • The packing and shipping operators first responsibility is to read final inspection and packaging instructions.
  • The packer then makes sure all steps have been completed and signed off on.
  • Visually inspect or gage all parts
  • Review part numbering requirements and product application
  • Finally, the packer packs the parts according to part specific instructions, complete the container tag and the final inspection log, and either place the parts in inventory or arrange for shipment to the customer.


  • The packer needs regular, punctual attendance.
  • The packer should have the interest and ability to quickly master the more refined techniques of visually inspecting the produced parts for completion of all required steps and for cosmetic issues.


It takes several months of on-the-job training to develop expertise.  An interest in developing and enhancing these skills over time is essential.

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