Transit Relief Bus Driver

Livingston, MT

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Park County is seeking a Transit Relief Bus Driver to join their team in Livingston, Montana!

TO APPLY: email resume and cover to OR Apply at

Schedule: As needed

Pay: $15-$16.13/hour DOE

Position Overview:  Windrider Transit provides free transportation services for the general public for recreational, employment, medical, nutritional, shopping and personal needs. This position safely and efficiently operates the bus while providing excellent, friendly service to the passengers.

Assigned Duties and Tasks of Transit Relief Driver:

A.    To provide safe transportation services to the public with excellent service by following the daily schedule. Drivers shall follow all traffic and safety laws.  For Dial-A-Ride services, drivers should offer assistance if necessary to passengers getting into or out of the bus.  The driver may also make minor adjustments to the schedule to enhance service pending the acquiescence of any and all passengers involved.  Drivers must have a charged cell phone with them and turned on at all times in silent mode during working shift in order to check messages when NOT operating the vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to participate in any activity that causes distracted driving while the bus is operating. Messages can be checked when the vehicle is turned off or in parking gear.  Report maintenance issues to the Transit Coordinator right away.  All buses are to be fueled regularly to maintain a fuel level above half a tank. Drivers clean the buses during slow times. Montana Law mandates drivers to use seat belts.  Drivers ensure compliance with seat belt requirement and shall follow all rules set out in the driver’s procedures.  

B.     To provide excellent public relations.  Drivers offer courteous and friendly service, have good listening skills and are polite and caring; provide the same service to every passenger equally without regard to any disabilities or protected classes of a rider; and, at no time are drivers to burden passengers with personal or work related problems or issues.

C.    To file timely and accurate reports.  The daily cleaning and maintenance checklist including testing the wheelchair lift (W/C lift is tested monthly) are completed each shift and turned in weekly to the Transit Coordinator or when a major issue arises and needs immediate attention for safety reasons.  Daily ridership report sheets, with mileage numbers for each bus used, are completed each shift and turned in weekly to the Transit Coordinator.  Fuel receipts are turned in weekly to the Transit Coordinator.

TO APPLY: email resume and cover to OR Apply at


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