Schenectady, NY

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  • Can you work in a fast paced environment?
  • Are you quick on your feet?
  • Can you lift at least 50 pounds?
  • Do you like Bonus incentives? 

We are offering a position that starts out with $15/hr. with a bonus of an additional $2/hr for the first 30 days which will equal a total of $17/hr. After 30 days you will have to earn your additional $2/hr by meeting production. 


Job Requirements

Selecting items (0-40 pounds, most under 20 pounds) using a headset
Voice commands instruct where/what/how many to pick
Place items into correct bins, correct quantity

May be assigned to packing/shipping station which requires checking orders for accuracy, placing items into correct shipment boxes, labeling for shipment or pickup

M-F You will be appointed you schedule after the first day.

$2/hr extra bonus guaranteed for your first 30 days, after which you enter the pay-for-performance plan, where your bonus can range from $0-$4/hr based on your picks for the week.


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