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Plattsburgh, NY

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Someone who is skilled technically and good at following directions will excel in this position. With safety and teamwork being at the forefront of this companies priorities, you can expect a great work environment. At this local Plattsburgh company you will be at the head of the manufacturing industry and will be a crucial part of the success of the company!

Job Requirements

This companies mission is to provide high quality inbound and outbound logistics services at a competitive rate. Their vision? To be recognized as a “First Choice” provider of inbound and outbound logistics services to the global manufacturing community.

We are looking for employees who have the ability to follow a blueprint and assemble products in a timely fashion. Team work and a concern for safety must come naturally to this employee!

Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm
$14.00 hourly pay rate

Located in Plattsburgh New York, this local company has been right in your backyard for 11 years!

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