Extrusion Assistant


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Location: Leominster, MA

Schedule: 12 hour day shift | 5am – 5pm | Rotating - One week Mon/Tue/Sat/Sun AND next week Wed/Thu/Fri

Pay rate: $14/hr

General Description:

Operate the sheet extruder, the dryer, the crystallizer, and the material handling equipment.

Job functions include, but not limited to:

  • Maintain constant flow of material between the in-feed hoppers, the blender, the crystallizer, and the dryer.
  • Know how to set the optimum processing parameters for different blends, and for variations in bulk density of the material. Know how to adjust temperatures, dosing rates, and drum speed to achieve proper crystallization.
  • Understand the parameters to monitor to ensure it is working properly.
  • Know how to set up the extruder to make different sheet widths and thicknesses. This entails correctly adjusting the speeds on the main motor, gear pump motor, chill roll motors, pull roll motor, and die gap.
  • Be able to operate a lift truck to be able to bring material to the extruder, to dismount finished rolls from the extruder, and to take these rolls to their proper storage locations.
  • Changing filters as needed (vacuum pump, extruder melt screen, & dryer aftercooler)
  • Keep the work area clean and organized. This includes the material handling area, the extruder area, and winding area.



Job Requirements

Physical Requirements:

• Must be able to spend all day on your feet.
• Must be able to drive forklift truck.
• Must be able to pull the winder out of its winding position. Although the winders have large casters, the rolls do weigh around 1000 lbs.

Education Requirements:
• High School or GED.
• Must be conversationally fluent in English and have basic math skills.

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