Molding (Thermoformer) Operator


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Location: Leominster, MA

Schedule: 3rd shift | 10:30pm - 7am | Monday - Friday

Pay rate: $15.50-$16.50/hr based on experience 


Operate any of the thermoformers and be able to change molds and get the new product running


Thermoformer Operator:

  • To be able to take an old mold out and install a new mold.
  • To be able to assemble a mold
  • To be able to correctly process a new product.  This means to adjust the forming, die cutting, and stacking.
  • To monitor the quality of the product, take production samples, check for the different quality issues, and document them.
  • To ensure the product is properly packed.
  • To change rolls on the thermoformer.
  • Ensure all hygiene procedures are being followed and document the necessary items.
  • Must be able to read, understand, and update the production schedule, the product specifications, the daily log, and the QC log in the company production website.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with the other team players on the shift, in particular, packers and floor boy.
  • Must do hourly quality checks and log hourly.
  • Must periodically write to the production log.

Material Handling:

  • Properly identify the packing materials needed.
  • Ensure the packing process is being done correctly and help pack as needed.
  • If the packer and floor boy need it, help with the handling of materials such as brining rolls of sheet to the machine, bringing cartons to the machine, and taking cases of finished product to stretch wrap and  load onto a truck.
  • Must be able to drive a forklift truck.


  • Although maintenance is primarily done by others, should know how to execute the weekly and monthly maintenance plans, and should help with those if needed.



Job Requirements


  • Must be able to spend all day on your feet.
  • Must be able to occasionally reach into the machine.
  • Must be able to occasionally move rolls of plastic sheet which weigh 1000 lbs for a few feet on the floor
  • Must be able to drive a forklift truck


  • Two years in our production area
  • Three year’s operating thermoforming machines in another plant.


  • High School or GED
  • Must have conversational knowledge of English and basic reading skills in English.
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