Chemistry Analyst

Georgia, VT

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Chemistry Analyst Needed

Employee responsible for:

  • Preparation of analytical standards. Accurately identify, weigh and dilutes stock standard materials for calibration purposes
  • General sample manipulations, to include: quantitative sample dilution, addition of analytical reagents, processing of samples through incubators shaker, centrifuges, evaporators etc.
  • Extraction of sample solutions to include liquid-liquid and solid-phase techniques
  • General cleaning of materials after analysis

Position Requirements:

  • Four year college degree in chemistry or related science
  • 1-2 years experience in an analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Firm understanding of cGMP and Nutritional requirements preferred
  • Ability to walk, bend , stoop , and reach
  • Regularly lift and carry up to 10 lbs and occasionally 20 lbs

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