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Westaff is currently hiring for a Coil Inserter and Winder for a company in Thomaston, CT

This position involves inserting coil windings into stators, rotors and armatures. 

Input Material

Empty stator cores and rotors, some of which are purchased, and armatures that are built in-house plus insulation, phase paper and other materials, and pre-wound coils. 

Essential Functions

Checks stator, rotor or armature for bent laminations, burrs, or slots that are not clear.  Review traveler for connection diagram, type of winding, span, inserts and coil grouping.  For varnish job, install slot liners and begin inserting bottom of first coil in slot and top into proper slot based on span and continue coil insertion for whole group.  Continue with following groups, inserting phase papers between groups.  Shape coils with forming fixture using press or mallet and check with template.  Tie both ends and attach leads by soldering with solder pot and ladles, hand soldering iron, or, for smaller gauge wires, brazing.  Input wires are then labeled, and stator is sent to test.  For VPI job (sealed insulation), each coil is taped with non-adhesive insulation and additional sleeves, silicone and moisture blockers are installed.  Rotors and armatures follow similar procedures, but slots are on outside.  Coil wires on armatures must go to the commutator in proper sequence.  On heavy duty motors, these wires are welded to the commutator using TIG.  On large wound rotors, support rings attached to core support ends of coils.


On very large stator/frame assemblies, large rings are temporarily installed and rest in a roller assembly which allows the unit to be rotated for coil insertion.  For very large rotors, a temporary arbor is supported on each end and that allows the unit to be rotated for coil insertion.


Performs other duties as assigned by the Winding Team Leader.

Job Requirements

Setup - Operation - Maintenance - Has attained very high level of proficiency and requires very limited supervision. Has a minimum of 5 years experience.  Can perform any operation that the job requires. Is extremely proficient at math required by job - is expert at using measuring instruments, gauges and  templates.  Performs routine cleaning and maintenance of machines.


                 Quality/Continuous Improvement/Productivity - Inspects own work - has very low rejection rate.  Uses experience and proven techniques to pass job on to next work station in optimum time to maintain required quality and minimize rework.  Represents Winding Shop on Continuous Improvement Task Teams.  Assists Winding Team Leader to establish Certification Test for each machine/procedure. Assists new employees and other Winders with learning the skills necessary to obtain Certification.  Works closely with Engineering on prototype work and makes meaningful suggestions for product improvement.

                 Can fill in for Winding Team Leader.


                 Problem Solving - Can work out virtually any problem that arises concerning work being performed - has usually seen some form of the problem before.


                 Blueprints & Traveler - Can not only correctly interpret the drawings and Traveler documents, but can assist other Winders.

Physical Requirements


Job requires standing - some of the work can be done while seated.  Since overhead cranes are available in all work areas, Technicians are not required to lift more than 50 pounds.


Environmental / Safety Issues


Keeps work area clean and free of scrap materials.  Follows all safety rules applicable to machine as stated on posted signs and in Company policy.



Requirements for this position are to also be engaged in:  5S, Continuous Improvement, On-Time Delivery, Routine Total Preventative Maintenance and the submission of Improvement Ideas.


Cross Training

Cross trains on all of the operations in the Winding Shop as directed by the Winding Team Leader.


Education / Certification

High school graduate preferred - will consider commensurate experience.  Has passed Certification Test established by the Company for each machine/procedure that is used without close supervision.

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