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Assembles new electric motors and repairs motors that have been in service for one or more years.

 Input Material

 For new motors, all material is received from the Stock Room, Machine Shop, or Winding Room.  Repair Motors go to the Test Department first for electrical tests - then to the Motor Assembly & Repair Department

.Essential Functions

 New Motors are assembled by Motor Assembler I, II and III depending on size and complexity.  Repair Motors are Evaluated and Repaired only by Motor Assembler I.


  • For New Motors:
  • Parts are stockpiled until there are no parts missing.
  • Armature or Rotor is balanced on Balancing Machine to eliminate vibration and noise.
  • Parts, including frame, brackets, stator, rotor, and many others are assembled per the drawings and the motor is checked for run-out.
  • It then goes to test and is checked for opens or grounds.
  • After test, it goes to painting and shipping
  • For Repair Motors:
  • Motors first go through an Evaluation.  The motor is torn down completely, all parts are identified, and recommendations concerning what parts should be replaced are entered into the Evaluation & Repair Report and the motor is stored
  • Evaluation is then checked by QA and all information is sent to Sales.  The Customer Service Specialist contacts the Customer and the motor is either scrapped or refurbished.  If it is a Government motor, and it is scrapped, it must be witnessed by a Government Representative.
  • If the motor is refurbished, it is put on a local Manufacturing Department schedule.
  • A Refurbishing Kit that was previously assembled is used.
  • The parts are all washed in dielectric solvent
  • Armature or Rotor is balanced on Balancing Machine to eliminate vibration and noise.
  • The motor is assembled based on the drawings and the parts list, and then goes to Inspection and Test - minor adjustments are sometimes required.
  • The motor then goes to Painting
  • It is then returned to Motor Assembly & Repair for the installation of stencils, nameplates and external hardware
  • The motor then goes back to inspection and is shipped.


Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor Motor Assembly & Repair / Winding.

Job Requirements

Proficiency Levels

 Level 2:   Setup - Operation - Maintenance - Has attained a moderate level of proficiency and requires occasional supervision. Generally has a minimum of 2 year of experience.  Can assemble most types of motors, including Armature or Rotor balancing

           Quality/Continuous Improvement/Productivity - Inspects own work - assists in improving assembly and disassembly procedures. Participates on Continuous Improvement Task Teams.


                 Problem Solving - Can work out most of the problems that arise concerning work being performed - Utilizes the experience of the Level I Motor Assembler and the Supervisor Motor Assembly & Repair and Winding.


                 Blueprints & Traveler - Can correctly interpret the assembly requirements and Traveler documents, but may need some assistance when working on new, or more complex, jobs

 Physical Requirements

 Job requires both sitting, standing and walking. Overhead cranes are available in all work areas.  There is no requirement to lift more than 50 pounds.

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