Manufacturing Technician

Nashua, NH

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Manufacturing Technician - 1st shift

This position is primarily responsible for performing a variety of manufacturing duties and responsibilities under the direction of the working supervisor, Group Leader or Production Supervisor, by performing the following duties:

Core duties and responsibilities include some or all of the following, depending on training and experience. Other duties may be assigned.
• Utilizes knowledge, having limited use and/or application of basic principles, theories, and concepts.
• Develops resolutions to problems of limited scope. Follows standard practices and procedures.
• Follows specific, outlined, and detailed procedures; while being closely managed.
• Liaisons primarily with direct supervisors and other managers or group leaders that direct the work flow.
• Performs basic pleating skills on all machines, utilizing pleating skills with all types of materials.
• Ensures basic endcapping is completed. Performs endcapping of all types of materials.
• Completes the change out of tools and or temperatures to complete the endcap process.
• While bagging: identifies gaskets and/or o-rings for completion of customer orders; determines the appropriate quantity of gaskets and/or o-rings and appropriate positioning for completed modules.
• Takes responsibility for completing a quality visual check for correct configuration of the module. Identifies which bags are to be used and utilize the proper equipment (seamer) to complete the bagging of capsules.
• While packing: identifies which boxes to utilize; determines which order needs to be boxed based upon work assignment and box accordingly.
• While engraving, utilizes knowledge of module set-up for machine including part number and lot number.
• Utilizes knowledge of order box sizes and how to create and assemble variations.
• Maintains cleanliness of the shop floor and surrounding areas, in accordance

Payrate: $12-13/hour depending on experience
Shift: 8-430pm  Mon-Fri       WESTAFF pays every Friday!!!!!!


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