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This position involves the Assembly of various Controls and Components.


Input Material


Depending on what is being assembled, some input material is supplied as basic material on which further manufacturing processes are performed (such as wire that is wound into heater coils and annealed).  Other input material consists of components that are purchased, or come from another Manufacturing group, and are assembled into larger components and/or finished products (such as contactors, indicator lights and other components that are assembled into an Automatic Bus Transfer (ABT) switch).


Essential Functions


Wide varieties of functions are performed by the Assemblers and are broken down by Proficiency Levels:


Assembler I

Assembles complex Controls and Control Cabinets as well as assembly on various product lines and other equipment; On Control Cabinets, after layout is determined, panels are stenciled to show the location of subassemblies.  Major components are mounted and wiring is routed.  Interconnecting wires are attached to the panels.  Shrink-fit labels, cable clamps and tie-downs are installed; wires also may be connected to terminals by mechanical fastening or by soldering connections.  Checks are made to ensure that all mechanical functions work and that there is room for replacing parts, electrically wire runs may be checked by use of multi-meter or other device.  Doors, external labels, engraved identification plates, and viynlites are installed to complete the project, and then the completed unit is submitted to Test and Q.A.  Similar procedures are used on various product lines and may require additional specific operations, such as (but not limited to), contact pressure setting to tolerance, drilling and pinning, limit switch functionality checks, or the functionality of any other moving parts and motors are checked for proper rotation direction.



Performs other duties as assigned by Supervisor Control & Component Assembly.

Job Requirements

Physical Requirements


Job usually requires more standing than sitting - depending on the components being assembled, up to about half of the work can be done while seated.  Since overhead and portable cranes are available in all work areas, Assemblers are not required to lift more than 60 pounds.


Environmental / Safety Issues


Keeps work area clean and free of extraneous materials.  Spends 90% to 95% of time in Control & Component Assembly work area.  Ensures that all safety procedures are followed as stated on posted signs and in Company policy.



Requirements for this position are to also be engaged in:  5S, Continuous Improvement, On-Time Delivery, Routine Total Preventative Maintenance and the submission of Improvement Ideas.



Cross Training


Cross trains on all of the positions in the Control & Component Assembly Department as directed by the Supervisor Control & Component Assembly.


Education / Certification


High school / Trade school graduate.  Must have good eyesight and very good manual dexterity.  Has passed Certification Test established by the Company for each Assembly procedure that is used without close supervision.

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