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Westaff is recruiting for a Planner.

This is a Full Time, Temp to Perm position.

Purpose of the Planner role:

This position performs the planning function for all customer and inventory orders including lights, motor controllers (including spare parts), line voltage regulators, motors, and vendor services (plating & heat treating).

Essential Functions of the Planner role:


· Ensures that all Item Master Data (such as Lead-Time, Cost, etc.) is accurate and up to date.
· Helps maintain Supplier On-Time Delivery at 98+% to the day, with any open balances due within 5 working days.
· Develops Kan Ban/Supplier Stocking Programs that allow the Company to minimize inventory yet provide high levels of customer satisfaction through reduced Lead-Times and On-Time Delivery.
· Reduces Product Line Costs a minimum of 7-10% annually.
· Creates Work Orders in VISUAL MRP for all parts with delivery dates that meet Sales Order required dates. Creation of Work Order relieves parts or components from Inventory. Each fabricated part has a Work Order, but is manufactured in-house.
· Reviews "Past Billed History" for Sales (if part or component was previously made for another Customer).
· Goes out to Vendors with Request for Quotation (RFQ) to obtain best price and terms for purchased parts or services. On Repetitive Sales, no RFQ is required.
· Issues Purchase Orders for materials or services on Work Order.
· Checks manufacturing capacity - if Sales Order permits, puts in VISUAL to ship early if manufacturing capacity is available earlier.
· Is responsible for tracking progress of Work Order until product is shipped.
· Reviews VISUAL Requirement Report - shows shortages.
· Reviews Backlog Report (in MS Access) daily - it lists all Orders and status of parts.
· Reviews Receiving Report - shows what was received on daily basis.
· Gets Receiving Tickets from Receiving Inspector - paperwork, including packing slip, with in-coming shipment.
· Reviews Shipping Report - shows what was shipped on a daily basis.
· Reviews Open Purchase Order Report to see what parts are still due.
· Does Bill of Material (BOM) Review - if items are missing on the BOM, initiates paper Engineering Change Notice (ECN) with the part and drawing number and the BOM that it should be on.

Customer/Vendor Work Relationships

· Sales: Keeps Sales updated on status of Work Orders
· Finance: All items related to component price
· QC: Vendor, and all other quality issues
- Manufacturing: Delivery of materials - shop capacity
· Engineering: All issues related to design

Performs other duties as assigned by Manager Materials. Reports to Manager Materials. Ensures that all work is done in accordance with Customer specifications and Company Policy. Keeps Manager Materials aware of all progress and problems.

- Spends between 60% - 75% of time working at a desk in a normal office environment.
· Spends between 20% - 25% of time on work away from desk, including going out into shop and discussing manufacturing issues with QC inspectors and Manufacturing Department personnel. Must wear eye protection and any other required personal protective equipment while on the shop floor.
· Spends between 5% - 15% of time travelling to Customer or Vendor's facilities and on other Company business.



Job Requirements

Education / Experience required for the Planner position:

-High School/Trade School
-AS degree in Business or related field preferred
-Minimum of 4-5 years' experience as a Planner in a Manufacturing environment.
-Experience working closely with customers/vendors
- Excellent computer skills
- Familiarity with Bills of Material, Engineering Change notices, Receiving Tickets, Shipping reports, Work orders, Request for Quotations, etc. is preferred






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