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Warehouse associates should not mind working in fast paced, hot or cold conditions and can work an entire shift (8-10 hours) on his or her feet. Our distribution center seeks safety, speed and accuracy above all else, so we require a Warehouse associate who can pay careful attention on the job, follow instructions precisely and ensure correctness on his or her work before completing a task.

Westaff offers insurance benefits to all associates as well as online classes, free to anyone currently accruing hours on Westaff's payroll!

Hours typically 8am-5pm Mon-Fri with some flexibility/OT availability required

Responsibilities of Warehouse Associates Include:

  • Prompt and accurate fulfillment of client orders.
  • Continuous attention to detail to ensure that each order is filled with correct products and quantities.
  • Maintain clean and neat work environment throughout warehouse.


Job Requirements

Warehouse associates must:

  • Read, write, understand and communicate in the English language.
  • Have the ability to either see flashing lights or hear horns honking.
  • Occasional use of a computer may be necessary, including
  • Windows based software.
  • Strict adherence to any and all safety guidelines.
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