CNC Machinist


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  • Working to department procedures 
  • Can be assigned to work in a "CNC Cell configuration" multiple machines
  • Responsible for "in process" component inspection both visual and dimensional using specialty gages as designed for product lines in production and standard measuring tools (micrometer, caliper, optical comparator, CMM)
  • Responsible for stopping the machine when parts do not meet requirements 
  • Able to "trouble shoot" part and machine deviation issues (problems)
  • Maintains production records 
  • Required to make off sets to maintain product acceptance 
  • Required to change tooling at prescribed intervals/counts 
  • Ability to make minor program changes/revisions under the direction of supervision 
  • Has understanding of Quality Control principles which may in SPC

Job Requirements

  • Visual Sharpness (corrected) to operate machines )including visual inspection procedures) 
  • Manual dexterity sufficient to operate machinery for precision work. Substantial movements (motions) of the arms, wrists, hand and or fingers. 
  • Ability of lift objects from lower to higher position or moving horizontally. 35IB limit. 
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