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Location: Leominster, MA

Job Title:  Molding Lead Person

Department: Molding

Pay:  $16.01 - 16.83/hr to start (based on experience)

Schedule: 1st shift | 7am - 3pm | Monday - Thursday OR Tuesday - Friday | 36 hours per week with extra hours as needed

 Summary Description –  Responsible for supervising and coordinating activities within the department in order to meet daily & weekly production schedules.

  • Supplies machine operators with trays, trucks, all necessary tools.
  • Troubleshoots molding machine process parameters, working with process engineer.
  • Maintain material feeding system.
  • Will inform Department Supervisor of problems within a designated time frame.
  • Train new employees and provides ongoing training within the molding department following established training program.
  • Partakes in job sharing responsibilities as needed within the department, relieve operators for scheduled work break times.
  • Communicates with other shifts’ lead people, assistant lead, technician and quality people both before and after shift to transfer critical information.
  • Updates and submits process documents to supervisor or manager as needed.
  • Log any changes at molding machine in logbook provided at machine.
  • Analyze daily needs of materials and products and inform Department Supervisor of such needs to perform the job function.
  • Handles and stores company’s tools safely and in an organized way.
  • Prepares daily records and or logs.
  • Addresses the daily problems (machine, quality or personnel) within the department to the Department Supervisor.
  • If the quality assurance inspector judges a part rejectable, attempt to make machine and/or process adjustments to correct problem.  If problem cannot be corrected, may shut down machine and run back-up job.  Q.A. maintains final authority to have machine shut down.
  • In cases of intermittent quality issue on a machine, or when there is general indecision concerning the acceptability of some parts, they may be saved on separate trays and evaluated through an MRB review at a later time.
  • Assigns work to operators and floor people daily.
  • Assist Department Supervisor as needed.
  • Ensures the department works in a safe and clean environment, including and not limited to good housekeeping procedures and practices.

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